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Steixram 2.5 by dungeonmaster11 Steixram 2.5 by dungeonmaster11
Some certain submission rule changes for :iconorg-infinity: led me to reevaluate my character design of Steixram, once again! So here, we have a newly buffered, revamped profile pic for Steixram! The old one can be found scrapped here: [link]

Name: Steixram
Somebody Name: Artemis
Nicknames: (N/A)
Age: About 20 or so
Gender: Male
Race: Nobody
Affiliation: Organization Infinity, Order of the Great Old Ones, Descenders of the Seven Hundred Steps of Deeper Slumber, Interplanetary Association of the Literary and Dramatic Arts
Number: (Not in yet!)
Proof of Existence: The Stellar Conjurer
Weapon: Mythos (spatha with aether-wax holster sheath)
Element: Aether
Disney World: Agrabah, Aladdin

Hair: Dark blue with streaks of bright green
Eyes: Orchid violet
Height: 6' 3" (about 187.5 cm)
Weight: 188 lbs. (about 87 kg)

Steixram usually comes off as being quite friendly and somewhat goofy, and more often than not he prefers just to sit around and read a bit, or just shoot the breeze. He is quite bookish, but isn't introverted, and is more than alright with being sociable or talkative. He tries his best to be polite and civil in what he does, especially his Organization duties. He's quite the literary mind, and is a highly imaginative, yet overall sensible. He almost always tries not to get innocent bystanders involved in his battles, and often tries his best to shoo them off if the situation allows. He has a rather pacifistic attitude toward most somebodies, preferring to fight heartless NOT being controlled by the Organization, or evil somebodies like Maleficent--and even when facing evil somebodies, he tries to avoid fatalities. He is very loyal and protective of his friends, and is more than willing to help them if they're in danger.
Likes: Detailed backstories and backgrounds in literature, visiting the Dreamlands, cats, fantasy/horror/sci-fi stuff, mixtures of classical and rock/metal instrumentals/vocals, the life and works of Abdul Alhazred, showtunes, the smell of chlorine in pool water, zoological studies, comics of almost any origin
Dislikes: Nihilism, Heartless, Atheism, February weather, loose views on love/romance, Hedonism, the awkward position he's put in as a Nobody, unnecessary aggression, tragic endings in happy stories, soggy food, the smell of wet plaster, NPC death, tentacle high, sexism
Orientation: Heterosexual
Religion: Deist
Favorite Color: Blues and greens
Favorite Food: Apples, fried/barbecued/roasted meat (varies)

Steixram uses the waxish material that is held at the end of his sheath (that is made of different ingredients by moonlight ritual and partially composed of aether as well) by a holster to make certain seals and symbols, and utilizes his element of aether to open up universal voids and rifts, in order to conjur horrible interstellar creatures to take care of his enemies. However, when necessary, he uses the actual spatha underneath the holster sheath. Steixram often dodges his enemy's attacks in a dance-like fashion, seeming just to egg his enemy on, when it's really a trick in order to draw out larger, more intricate seals. Steixram is relies neither on strength nor speed, as he is quite balanced in both, and uses his intellect to great advantage. Steixram has, on more than one occaision, been known to draw symbols and seals before the battle even begins, often putting them in inconspicuous spots, and activating them in the midst of battle. In order to enact the seals and symbols, Steixram must chant a certain phrase or number of phrases from one of his books and scrolls, depending on the creature(s). The main backing factor in the conjuring's success is his elemental ability to attract and ignite the esoteric powers of aether, which allow him to summon and call out to the void beings. While in battle, Steixram becomes very determined, cold, and calculating, but adheres to a code of honor. If he says that it's a swordmatch only, he actually won't pull any dirty tricks! Some of the greater creatures he summons take a full few minutes of chanting, and sometimes seals many meters across. Woe be unto those he uses them on. Steixram's swordstyle relies mainly upon slicing, slashing movements, rather than jabs or stabs. When a creature is summoned, it usually remains in that area for a few minutes before dissipating back to it's original placement. When a creature is summoned, it will not attack Steixram, so long as there is a suitable designated target(s) of prey, AKA Steixram's opponent(s).

(Not up yet. ;))

101 Dalmatians: Scottish Terrier
Aristocats: Blue, green-striped neck to tail short haired cat
Bambi: Fox
Brother Bear: Otter
Jungle Book: Mongoose
Lady and the Tramp: Sleek, short-haired, blue cat with green-stripes
Lion King: Crowned Crane
Little Mermaid: Squid/Cecaelia (male)
Nightmare Before Christmas: Warlock
Oliver and Company: Siberian Husky

Metallica - The Thing That Should Not Be
Golden Earring - Twilight Zone
Oingo Boingo - Good For Your Soul
Nightwish - The Pharaoh Sails To Orion
Rammstein - Moskau
Tiny Tim - Stay Down Here Where You Belong
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ClaudusAles Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
very creative nobody!^^

Xis: awww, he's such a sweetie!
Das-Sketchenbuken Featured By Owner May 5, 2008
All right! I've got all of my reference material, so I should start working on your commissions pretty soon.... Once my darn dog decides to stop sleeping on me.
Gerwell Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2008
I think he looks cute, and like his haircut. I dunno about the weapon, but I think the element can't be accepted; they stopped taking animal related powers...Check anyway, I dunno about this one, it's different.
Good luck in joining! ^^
dungeonmaster11 Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2008
Thank'ee, guv! But on a technical note, aether isn't an animal-related element, it just opens up voids through complicated procession to other, incredibly far-off and weeeiiirrrrd spots in da universe and beyond. I mainly got this from the fact that aether is known as the 'void' element in Japanese mythology, as the five elements there and in others are related to the old supposed five forms of matter, and.......for lack of a better phrase, try goin' here: [link] And on another technical note, a good number of, (if not all of) the creatures in Lovecraftian circles don't actually fit under the category of things made fully of animal or even plant cells. Fully, that is.

But nevertheless, thanks again! :D
Dwellin Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I really like the humor you inject into your drawings of this character. He is very interesting and I like how you have his hair and his face is very uniquely drawn. I like your drawing style. :nod:
dungeonmaster11 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2008
Aw, thank'ee Susan! :hug: I've recently tried to work on my facial/figure stylizations, and I like to think I've made some amount of progress, so thanks for the kind encouragement! I hope you're doing well! And sorry it took so long to respond. ^^;
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